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Bring Molly into the group but kick someone out

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Kenny mentioned how there wasn't enough room for everyone on the boat. Say the boat plan worked and Molly still wanted on, and you had to choose who goes on the boat and one person is getting left behind.

Would you kick someone out of your group for the new comer or would you stay with the group you had since EP3?

Personally I'd stick with my group despite how useful she is. Christa seems like the most reasonable and smart person there, Omid is just plain awesome, Kenny I had a lot of trouble with but the fact that we've been together from the start is why I couldn't kick him out. Ben I would consider but overall I'd bring the kid because he does try and mean well and I always had a soft spot for him and defended him almost every time. (Except on the train when he confessed, I kinda threatened to kill him there :P)

So who would you kick out to bring Molly or would you not bring her along?
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  • I would not have kicked anyone out, yes even Ben, I don't make a habit of abandoning my group members.
  • Yeah, I'd also kick her out of the group. I felt that Omid and Christa always needed to be together, and I liked them enough for me to consider bringing them. I also wanted Ben to come along, despite what he's done. I wasn't about to bring along a new person into our boat (regardless of how useful she is).

    I thought that choosing the five people going on the boat would've been a cool choice.
  • That is how I thought season 1 would end, I still like the way they ended.
  • Actually, with Molly there would be seven people, so two people would need to be kicked out (1.Lee, 2.Clem, 3.Kenny, 4.Ben, 5.Christa, 6.Omid, and 7.Molly.) I'd probably have Christa and Omid leave, so they could be together and we could get Molly. They never liked the boat plan anyways. Failing that, I'd leave Molly and Ben so we could have Christa and Omid along with me, Clem, and Ken.
  • I think Lee is already dead in this scenario.
  • Did Kenny say only 5 people would fit? I thought there was only 1 to many but it's been awhile so I could be wrong.
  • Yeah, Kenny says that the boat is only big enough for five people, kids included. So you have to count Clem as one of your five.
  • I always thought the boat plan was just a bad idea I wish you could have disagreed with Kenny at some point and come up with something different
  • I don't think I could handle being stuck on a boat with Ben, the kid would find a way to sink it. Molly on the other hand...
  • Christa and Omid didn't even agree with the boat paln so the most logical step if it had gone OK and Molly were still interested would be for those 2 to go their separate ways
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