TWD 400 Days still not avaliable in Russian PS store.

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TTG it's almost two weeks since worldwide release of the DLC and it's still unavailable in Russian PS store and there's no info on it's status from Sony or from TTG. When I asked the same question on EU PS blog they sent me here. Please TTG give us some info!


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    TTG why are you ignoring this thread? Please give us some info!
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    Another PSN update and again no 400 days for Russia...
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    Someone from TTG please give us some information on status of 400 Days DLC's release in Russia! Stop ignoring this thread!
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    And another PS Store update and still nothing of course. Good job TTG :mad::mad::mad:
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    Just great... You're ignoring this thread for 2 weeks already... Thank you TTG for "respecting" your costumers.
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