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The Official "WHAT IF?" thread.

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So.. this thread is created for you to discuss your most wildest theories and situations, so you dont spam the forums with seperate topics.. think of crazy stuff like what if Lee wasnt arrested at the start, how would that effect the game? etc.

I'll start the first one.

What if someone was bitten at the pharmacy in episode one?
Who would it be?
How would each individual person react?
most important, how'd you deal with it?
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  • 1. and 2.
    Well, it's probably be Carley if you didn't try to save her, which would leave to her being just a bit pissed off at you.
    3. I don't know. Not good at this.
    4. Cut it off,(THE BODY PART) try to save her if she approves.
    EDIT: Oh, yeah. Um,
    What if Ben was actually good at shooting
    (we see this in the trailer for episode 2)?
    What if we played as Maybelle the cow from the start?
    And, what if we played as Charlotte? :O
  • What if Lee left Clementines house without getting the Walkie talkie and left without her?
    What if Duck was the one eaten at the farm and Shawn went with Kenny?
    What if we played as Nate from the start?
    What if Eddie hasn't hit that guy in the street?
  • What if Eddie never took drugs or even what if Nate was a sane man who can live without the need for tail.
  • 1) Lee would have found Shawn and would have stayed at the farm while poor Clen starves :/
    2) Doesn't make much sense to me
    3) Fron the start of what?
    4) Eddie and Wyatt would have just driven to the closest hippie festival :D
  • If Ben was good at shooting, he'd probably still be cowardly and wanting to stay long range, but still defend people, but people would misinterpet him running away as fleeing.

    If we played as Maybelle, it'd be an epic emotional tale of a cow being born, and slowly losing its cow family due to meat demand, as you slowly grow old and sick.

    Charlotte's story would be pure epicness.

    If Lee left, Clemetine would probably try and get his attention as much as possible.
    Kenny would be episode 4 Kenny for the entire season. Noone wants that ._.
    Well if this mixes in with the last question. Then Nate would be a non-insane awesome guy, as we travel to safe places in america.
  • What if Kenny had not sacrifice himself?
    What if Kenny had not sacrifice himself?
    What if Kenny had not sacrifice himself?
    What if Kenny had not sacrifice himself?!
  • What could have been, so many great yet crazy ideas.
  • What if Kenny never had a STACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Crixus;822104 said:
    What if Kenny never had a STACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He we go again *sighs* Kenny has a twin brother called Lenny who can't grow facial hair (true story) I've mentioned it before.
  • My god, I think he would have died LONG before Episode 5, maybe even in Episode 1 because the people without mustaches always die first.
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