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Film references in the walking dead

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i think the films Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski are referenced and paid homage to in the walking dead game especially 400 days.

i think Wyatt and Eddie are heavily influenced by Dude and Walter from The Big Lebowski

and maybe Nate is an Evil version of Donny that is in his element

there is sort of a Pulp Fiction reference about how Eddie killed Nate's friend in that he killed someone that was in the toilet a bit like how Butch killed Vincent in Pulp Fiction, being able to play it out of order is sort of a homage to pulp fiction's out of order style and also there is 'the bag' that Dee stole from Shel's group which presumably has supplies in it, but what? it's a bit like 'the briefcase' in Pulp Fiction, all it needed was for someone to open it and for the contents to glow and it would have been the same :)
also in episode 2 the bit where Lee chooses his weapon is a bit like the part in pulp fiction where Butch chooses his weapon in the gimp scene.

and an extra one is that these two:


equal these two:


and lets hope not but maybe these two are the same:
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