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Who hates Becca?

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I hate becca because she's a rude, nasty little skank. Very mouthy aswell. If I get a chance to kill her in season two (If she's in there), Im taking it.
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  • Shel wants Becca to remain a kid for as long as possible. So who's to blame when Becca acts like a kid?
  • I used to hate her, until I realized this is like Duck, someone that is not like Clementine, ether not as smart or annoying, or acting all tough and not caring, five dollars it will play out like Duck, we will start to like her, then she dies.
  • I don't like her but she is better and more useful than Clem.
  • I don't really have a problem with Becca.
    I like the idea of an Older Sister trying to hold on to her humanity and struggling to look after her younger sister and seeing her develop some darker aspects.

    I'll look forward to seeing how Shel will deal with what Becca might become
  • I don't have a problem with Becca either. She's just trying to understand and adapt to the Walking Dead world from an adult's point of view.

    Also, living with Roman's ideals have rubbed off on her despite Shel's attempt on trying to protect her innocence.
  • Maybe she will be better in season 2, or maybe not.
  • I don't HATE Becca, but I have seen no reason to like her other than if you like Shel.
  • WalkingDeadFan23;822514 said:
    Becca is a bitch
    Agreed. I don't hate Becca because she's not Clem, I hate her because she is annoying, rude (you seen the way she talk to Bonnie unbelievable!) and her attitude stinks! I hate her so much!
  • Ehkay;822553 said:
    I don't like her but she is better and more useful than Clem.
    How did Becca prove to you that she is useful than Clem ? Or do you think she is useful because you think she will become a villain and considering you want villains to win than so be it .
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