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Who hates Becca?

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I hate becca because she's a rude, nasty little skank. Very mouthy aswell. If I get a chance to kill her in season two (If she's in there), Im taking it.
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  • Web Head wrote: »
    Clementine isn't such a jerk as Becca, have you seen Becca's enraging reaction when she heard about Stephanie? That's what pissed me off the most, Clementine didn't do that with Ben at the bell tower. It's entirely different with Clem.

    Have you seen Becca's reaction to being told to kill Stephanie? Pretty obvious that her psychopathic behaviour is just an act to help her cope.:(
  • coolkid12 wrote: »
    Wow so much Becca hate. Honestly I don't mind her. She is a kid that's adapted to the apocalypse in a way that would make her more likely to survive.

    Essentially my thoughts. Becca seems a bit naive and her decisions can be calculating, but I don't think it's enough to hate her over.

    She may not be meant to be warmed up to in the same way that Clementine was, but that doesn't mean that her development on being old enough to make more difficult pragmatic choices can't be interesting.
  • I don't hate Becca but I dislike what I've seen so far. Annoying? Yes. Did stupid shit? Yes. Sullen lemon face? Absolutely. Cold-hearted? Sometimes. Proto-Carl? Could be. Wait and see.

    Jumping out at Shel was beyond dense (and almost stopped my heart) and her trips out endangered the group. I wonder what Roman would have done had he caught her/or caught wind of what she was doing. I would have hated to be Shel then. Awkward.
  • Agreed. I don't hate Becca because she's not Clem, I hate her because she is annoying, rude (you seen the way say talk to Bonnie unbelievable!) and her attitude stinks! I hate her so much!

    I admit that I wanted Vince to actually say STFU right then.
  • I admit that I wanted Vince to actually say STFU right then.

    Same. I guess telling the truth means that you're a weak piece of crap in Becca's eyes. Man I hated that, Bonnie never did anything to anybody (aside from the whole rebar-cornfield thing, but let's not discuss that.)
  • I admit that I wanted Vince to actually say STFU right then.

    I said STFU up to her irl along time ago, I don't want to here her voice.
  • What Russell says to Bonnie is worse than Becca:

    Bonnie: "Well, why not, Russell? If they have food, and medicine, and...and--"
    Russell: "Right. 'Medicine'"

    You don't see Becca taking a jab at Bonnie's past as a drug addict. Granted he doesn't always say it, but the dialogue option is possible.
  • Bonnie was a drug addict? Since when?
  • Since before the apocalypse. Dee and Leland found her sometime after the apocalypse began, and she was still addicted to drugs. They managed to help her with her addiction, and she's clean by the time we play her story.
  • How did you find that out Rock?
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