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Who hates Becca?

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I hate becca because she's a rude, nasty little skank. Very mouthy aswell. If I get a chance to kill her in season two (If she's in there), Im taking it.
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  • CreeperX;830104 said:
    I didn't have a problem with Becca and am a bit surprised the hatred for her seems so intense amongst folks. Sure, she was a bit annoying and seemed like a cold brat but I found that easy to understand as well. They all have their way of coping with shit and I thought it was nice to see the "anti-Clementine". That this world could have this kind of effect on people and make them seemingly cold. Big part of Becca's attitude seems to be just an act anyways. Some people do put up a tough front when they are dealing with harsh situations but in reality, they aren't like that. She's also in her early teens. Teenagers tend to be the rebellious ones who want themselves to be regarded as more mature than they are. Seems to be the case with Becca. She thinks this is how things are supposed to go now and thus puts up this "tough girl" attitude but in reality she's still a scared youngster.
    Understanding Becca's situation and accepting her attitude are two different things. It's like with Lilly, Larry, or the Stranger. Sure, I understand why they are the way they are but it still doesn't mean I should like them any more just because there's an explanation behind their personality. There's an explanation behind everyone's personality. I just hate them for having those shitty personalities, regardless of the origin.

    I understand all of the things you're talking about but I still have a problem with Becca. In fact, I find myself disliking her more because she's faking that "tough girl" attitude. If she were simply a callous asshole through and through, I would hate her but mostly ignore her because there's nothing worth salvaging about those characters. Knowing that there is a small part of her that is might be genuinely good makes her failure to show it that much more frustrating. And being scared and putting up a "tough girl" attitude doesn't justify hurting those around you with that attitude.
  • I know what you mean but if I were you, I would save that hatred for something like bandits or Lilly or something for evil then 12 year old girl that acts like she is tough.
  • DomeWing333 - Understandable. "Hate" is just such a powerful word for me. There's pretty much no character I'd hate in TWDG because I still find them good characters and Becca, tough I too might find her annoying, has potential to bring interesting elements to this mess. I just don't personally agree with some people who pretty much wish her to die while there's certainly bigger villains around than her. Doesn't mean you have to like her tough and I too would like her to fix the attitude. I may understand her and even somewhat like her as a character but that doesn't mean I'd accept everything she does either.
  • *clap, clap* That is how I see it also.
  • Oh totally. I definitely don't want her to die any time soon. She's far too good of a foil to Clementine for that. And she does have the potential to redeem herself, certainly. But as of now, her role to me is that of the Larry of the group: the team member that you hate but still have to put up with. I wouldn't shoot her on the spot if I had the chance to or anything, but I would probably lean towards saving someone else over her if it ever came down to it.
  • Well between her and Clem I like Clem a hell of a lot more, but I like her for what ever reason.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;830277 said:
    Well between her and Clem I like Clem a hell of a lot more, but I like her for what ever reason.
    Maybe because she acts like a teenager would in that situation?
  • She acts like a stereotypical teenager would in that situation. I guess just hate stereotypical teenagers...
  • Well the stereotype is right here somewhat, I know teenagers that act like Becca, and for the record Ben pretty much broke that stereotype pretty badly.
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