Saves not working

I recently got walking dead over the sale on steam, and ive had problems with my saves everytime I play. I finish episode 1 and i continue to episode 2. It said previously on the walking dead... and it shows that i saved doug over that 1 chick but i didnt, i saved the chick over doug. also kenny got mad at me in episode 2 for not backing him up, but I DID BACK HIM UP. the saves are reset everytime I quit. I was half way through ep. 3 and I quit the game. Today I tried to play AND IT SHOWS IM ON EP.1 !!!!

I did that 1 thing where u replace the prefs.prop thing and it still doesnt work! I will not do episode 1-3 again, I already know what happens. this is so dumb, i want a refund! Whats the point in the game if it just glitches me out and I cant even play!!!!

How can I fix this??


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    Wrong forum area, but I understand the frustration so I want to help.
    I had this same problem, but deleting pref.props file DID fix it for me. There IS two locations for it if you didn't find both.

    First is: C:\Users\___\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

    The one that seems to be a problem is this one down here vvv
    Did you find the pref.prop located here: D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default ?

    Pull the pref.prop file out of there (I deleted mine) or safekeep it somewhere.

    Ideally this should stop the game from reading your saves wrong or god knows what causes it to do this.
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    I will try, ty for help!
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    Still not working! :(
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    Any other suggestionss....?
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