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If you could hang out with one of the game's characters IRL...

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Who would you want to hang out with and why?
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  • Omid.

    Definitely Omid.

    Or Kenny at a BBQ/Car Show.
  • Kenny Omid and Eddie, now that would be a very good BBQ.
  • Road trip with Nate, Eddie and Kenny. Possibly Larry as well if I didn't have to sit next to him. Oh, the things that would be said...
  • I can already see how that conversation would go...
  • Definitely Omid and Eddie!
  • It would definitely be cool to sit down with Lee and talk about history together.
  • Zeruis;823526 said:
    It would definitely be cool to sit down with Lee and talk about history together.
    Don't forget Omid too,he is into history as well,but for me definitely Omid or Eddie,or why not both. :D
  • Eddie, Omid and Lee

    They're all mothafuckin bros
  • Omid and Doug! Omid is funny and Doug knows alot about technology!
  • Kenny. Who else do you expect me to say. Anyway we would hang out at my place with Slenderman's brother (he's my roommate don't ask it's a long story) and drink Parsecs Whiskey. Then we would cook a barque on the RV engine and then go fishing (cause he's a commercial fisherman) and then we'd talk about Vernon and how he stole the boat and how much we hate him, then we'd talk about Lee. Then Nate would crash the party but I wouldn't mind cause Nate's awesome but if he got out of hand Kenny has his trusty salt lick. Then Nate would talk about tail and ask me to rate a girl and I would say "five, f*cking five" and he would be like "Come on man" and then Kenny would talk about Katjaa and Duck and Nate would say "Let it out paco" and that's it best day of my life if that happened.
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