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  • Teen: Say that there are people he might know in the community.

    Convict: Shoot the guy sitting infront of you.
  • As well as what you guys already said, the red headed ex-addict (Bonnie), goes with Tavia no matter what choices you make. The woman and child (Shel and Becca) can go with you if you shoot Stephanie, but you have to choose to say that there are people of all ages at Tavia's community when you play as her. Also if, as the Bearded guy (Wyatt), you do get out of the car to help the cop, then he initially doesn't want to join Tavia, but like the teen (Russell), you can say that there are people there who he might know and that causes him to join as well I think.

    Edit: The convict (Vince) will only go with you if you choose to shoot Danny, the rapist. I don't think there is any way around him joining Tavia's group if you shoot the Justin, the con man.
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