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Kenny Alive/Dead Analysis

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This thread was created to show Kenny lovers that he might've died, and show Kenny haters how he could've lived

Ben Ending
Reasons he could've lived:
1. No death/pain scream
2. Most walkers seemed to ignore Kenny and go for Ben
3. Some ways to escape
4. Gun with ammo, if he runs out he can pistol whip
5. Covered in walker blood, might've been mistaken as one
6. No one saw him die, no corpse when Lee looked
Reason he could've died:
1. Surrounded
2. Wanted to die
3. Making a lot of noise
4. No "I'm alive, go ahead!" If escaped
5. Walker bit him/got really close to biting him

Reasons he could've lived:
1: Entrances leading to other dark rooms
2. More will to live than Ben ending
3. No one saw him die
4. Couldn't have been too many walkers in there
Reason he could've died:
1. Very dark
2. Walkers seemed to be scattered, could've jumped him
3. Didn't get to finish "I'll...I'll..."
4. Possible death gurgle at end if you listen closely

Those are all the reasons I could think of
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