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Carley/Doug or Lilly

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On the road , after Kenny takes care of the walker trapped under the Rv , two walkers show up and attack Carley/Doug and Lilly and you would have to choose Carley/Doug or Lilly .
If this happened , who would you choose ?
Ok people , i made it multiple choices like the dumbass i am , so just vote for one and not both of them .
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  • I would always help Doug he is my favourite character and I saved him over Carley and would save him over anyone else (other than Clem)...
    Anything to allow the laser pen to carry on...
  • You made it multiple choice didn't you...
  • hudomonkey;824382 said:
    you made it multiple choice didn't you...
    soooorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
  • master psychic;824385 said:
    soooorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
    Don't worry we all do this at some point...
    A couple of people are going to vote for both just to mess with the poll though...
  • I f*cking hate Lilly so I'd save Carley.
  • Lilly seems like she could hold her own for longer than Doug (though he did save Carley from zombies so I don't know)so if I had Doug then I would help him first,though I still like Carley more than Lilly so if I had to choose between Carley and Lilly,I would save Carley.
  • Of course i'll save Carley so Lee will get the puss tonight
  • fabi777;824423 said:
    Of course i'll save Carley so Lee will get the puss tonight
    This pretty much tips the scales. Oh and I was genuinely tired of Lilly's bitching by then. Plus, by then Carley had saved Lee's ass three times, and he only saved her once, so... gotta even the score. Oh AND Lilly refused to save Lee in my playthrough, so I would have little sympathy towards her if she ended up in trouble. (Though if it didn't put another survivor in peril, I'd help her)
  • As I said before, my answer is pretty obvious my now, but it is always so much fun to click a button that picks someone over Lilly.
  • I would have pulled out my pistol, shoot Lilly by accident (LOL JK) then saved Doug
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