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If you only got 1 life how far did your Lee Make it?

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My lee Made it as far as episode 3 where he died in the Bandit Raid.
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  • Every time someone talks about how they died on that part, I just think of Nova and how many times he failed.
  • StalkerWalker;824873 said:
    hahah same....PUT THE GUN DOWN BITCH....oh......
    I spent half an hour trying to figure out what to do.
  • If I only had one life, Lee was shot and killed by Brenda St. John. While still being able to kill Danny before he died, it is not enough as Kenny is then shot by Andy and the entire group killed save for Kaatja, who spends her last days as a cow vet for Maybelle before finding a way to kill herself.
  • Got shot by bandits at the St. John Dairy in Episode 2 :(
  • Cany0udance;824915 said:
    I spent half an hour trying to figure out what to do.
    I figured pretty early on that you cant be a baddass about this, as brenda seemed really on edge, what got me was walking twards her and getting shot all the time, then it occurd to me that you should stop when she tells you too lol
  • Think it may have been the bandit raid. Shooting section I could have probably done without.
  • Zeruis;824545 said:
    "See where he is now."


    And promptly shat my pants.
  • DomeWing333;824663 said:
    "Jump" she said. "What are you, chicken?" she said...
    A dozen. Bloody. Tries.

    Did you know you can select her hand as soon as you start running, and you don't actually have to time the jump as a result? 'Cos I bloody didn't.
  • I died the moment the policeman rose from the dead and I didn't die too often after that. Also got the impression I had to grab Molly's hand the moment it touched mine, rather than before and fell to my death.

    Maybe Ben would have saved everyone.
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