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If you only got 1 life how far did your Lee Make it?

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My lee Made it as far as episode 3 where he died in the Bandit Raid.
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  • When he got bit.
  • My only death was when that walker grabbed Katjaa, but I don't count it because a glitch happened 'cause I actually made a response to her question, lol. I couldn't do anything, so then I died. :( (GODDAMMIT BEN, YOU MADE ME DIE!!!!)
    BUT if you don't count that, my Lee was a BADASS and made it to the end w/o dying.
    LIKE A BOSS! :cool:
  • When I was with Glenn and Carley, trying to rescue that one girl.
  • and had the other hand off the keyboard completely.

    the mind boggles what that hand was doing ;)
  • Episode 2, peeking from the pig pen when Danny surprised me with a shot in the face.
  • i can't honestly remember...But i'm gonna guess brenda in ep2 as possibily accidently picked the wrong option or in ep3 going to investigate the front of the train and you find the car with a walker guarding the biscuits.. i know i totally misjudged the timing to kill him and he got

    note to puzzlebox/other ttg staff... can you guys/gals put in a little 'post credits' stat page of when we died ? could be fun !
  • The police officer in Episode 1...
    don't laugh.
  • TinyCarlos wrote: »
    The police officer in Episode 1...
    don't laugh.

    Me to, along with Puzzlebox, no laughing coming from here.
  • TinyCarlos wrote: »
    The police officer in Episode 1...
    don't laugh.

    I honestly thought I would die around the beginning at something really stupid but no, I make it to episode 4. That was my only death I was so close to going through the whole game without dying :( I wanted to be a badass *sighs* I guess there is only one person I can blame and that person is...... GODDAMMIT BEN! You don't have to be a shamed like Bio said there are other people who died at that point :)


    Just kidding. I didn't actually say that, but I might as well have. I didn't stop walking forward, which is how I died. And TeamKennyAlways, you aced the train station on your first go? Share with me your secrets!
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