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Why did you save Carley/Doug

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I chose Doug because he was surrounded by walkers and I had a feeling the barricade was going to give way, he also seemed like an average guy that a lot of us computer nerds can relate to :)
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  • I chose Doug because we had enough people with guns and he was the most unique and potentially useful character by creating alarm systems and traps...
    Carley couldn't put batteries in a radio even though she was a Journalist...
  • Carley,beacause her and Lee are so cute together. Also you can tell the group about your past if you save her.
  • I intended on saving them both, I chose Carley first, thinking she could help me save Doug but he was just eaten. Poor Doug he was such a awesome computer nerd and very relatable to me.
  • Chose Carley, because she was the prettiest chick in the game so far.

    ...ok, not JUST because of that, but it was a factor. Also because she had already saved Lee twice, was a good shot with that gun, seemed trustworthy, and overall a more interesting character. Her being the only one to know Lee's past and the two having such secret was an interesting bond, which I was willing to explore further.

    Doug, on the other hand, while he was very relatable as a fellow nerd, I figured he might just have near exhausted his usefulness with the remote trick. I mean, being with tech is always good (batteries, Carley, how do they work?), but over time, particularly when electricity goes out, having an IT guy on the team wouldn't be near as beneficial as having someone good with a gun. I mean, it's not like Doug is some mechanical engineer, I bet he knew about cars, generators and other important mechanical devices about as much as any other guy on the group. I honestly doubted his area of expertise would have benefited the group a lot, ain't like we're gonna need a computer or a tv.
  • I was torn on my first playthrough. Do you take the remarkably intelligent guy who would no doubt prove useful with repairing electronics and building improvised equipment (such as his nifty alarm system, and I also envisioned him setting up rain catchers and the like) or the slightly ditzy lass who happens to be quick as all heck with a firearm?

    I chose Carley. The firearm experience seemed more valuable at the time, and the budding romance (and emotional teardown that followed) made me think I made the right choice.
  • I believe I made the right choice with Carley also, I still like Doug though.
  • I chose Carley because I trusted her, other than Ken she was the only one I bonded with at the Drug Store, I liked Doug as well. I liked him more after my second playthrough
  • I'll (almost) always pick Carley. Not just good looking, she's level headed and a crack shot to boot. She even risked her life to save Lee and the others outside of the Everett Pharmacy, despite not even knowing them.
    With Carley there was just an overwhelming sense of "I have your back" and if you got into trouble she'd be the first one to pull you from the fire.

    Also I could tell Lee kind of liked her by the way he looked at her. :rolleyes:
  • She had my back by saving Lee outside, I thought it was the least I owed her.
  • I liked Doug, but I had to save Carley. I had bonded with her more since I spent more time with her than Doug, but on top of that, I would always prioritize the safety of the women and children first, so I'd have probably made the same choice if I hadn't known them. I think Doug would actually prefer you to save Carley over himself anyway, according to his dialogue after the event.
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