Your favorite kind of Orc?

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This thread could contain 4-5 different categories,but what really interests me is which kind of Orc do you prefer between the two most famous,badass,crazy kinds....Warhammer Orcs or Warcraft Orcs?Which one is your favorite?


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    Hasn't Blizzard stolen everything in Warcraft & Starcraft from Warhammer anyway?
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    Eeeh....yeah but we'll pretend they didn't.
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    well there still is only one choice. 40k.
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    Having seen and painted plenty of 40k orc models 'in my youth', I wouldn't even say that's a distinct type of orc as well.
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    Warcraft 1 and 2 orcs are very different from Warcraft 3 and WoW orcs.
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    The best orc is Gork the Ork.

    I may have just made him up.
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