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Who are your top 7 favorite characters? And why?

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Who are your top 7 favorite characters? And why?

1. Kenny, since he has always been there for me.
2. Lee, since he is just awesome.
3. Doug, because his technician skills are handy.
4. Ben, since its funny seeing him screw up.
5. Jerry, because "F**k me? F**k you, motherf**ker!"
6. Justin, because he's funny.
7. Eddie, with all his jokes.

How about you?
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  • I can really say who my top ten would be outside of Lee, Clem, Kenny, and Carley, I just like them all, and I am well aware this is more then likely a cop out.
  • 1. Lee
    2. Clem
    3. Kenny
    4. Carley
    5. Lilly
    6. Christa
    7. Duck

    400 Days:

    1. Vince
    2. Shel
    3. Bonnie
    4. Wyatt
    5. Russell
    6. Roman
    7. Eddie
  • 1.Lee
  • 1.Clem, she is a tough kid.
    2.Lee, great guy with a troubled past
    3.Carley, she was the only one who really understood Lee
    4.Kenny, powerful stache. One of the greats.
    5.Omid, He's hilarious, I wish there was more time to bond with him
    6.Christa, she was really brave and capable.
    7.Lily, her character was really well written but she doesn't deserve to be one of my top 6
  • At this point I find it hard to include the 400 Days and Season 1 people in one list as I feel like I know the Season 1 characters a whole lot more, so like Zeruis I have done two lists:

    1. Clem
    2. Lee
    3. Carley
    4. Kenny
    5. Omid
    6. Molly
    7. Christa

    I have to give a special mention to Lilly, she pretty much ties with Christa for me BUT Lilly is more of a 'love to hate' character, which is still good, but Christa is just a bit better I think.

    400 Days:

    1. Vince
    2. Bonnie
    3. Eddie
    4. Nate
    5. Wyatt
    6. Stephanie
    7. Shel
  • TWD S1:

    1. Lee
    2. Clementine
    3. Lilly
    4. Kenny
    5. Carley
    6. Omid
    7. Andrew St. John (What an amazing ally he would've been, if he wouldn't have turned out to be a cannibal :()

    TWD 400 Days:

    1. Shel
    2. Vince
    3. Eddie
    4. Wyatt
    5. Nate
    6. Justin*
    7. Danny* (*Really liked their interaction in the prison bus :D)

    Yeah, and hello everyone! :)
  • Season 1
    1) Clem, best kid in a video game.
    2) Lee. He's one of the bravest people in ANY media. Doing all you can to protect a little girl you just met is incredibly selfless.
    3) Ben. A kid too old to be shielded but too young to be very useful. Atleast he tries to get better
    4) Duck. Funny hyperactive kid. Plus he's Robin!
    5) Doug. A nice guy, a hero with too little screen time.
    6) Kenny. A good man, with flaws, but still a good man.
    7) Carley or Chuck. She was a positive presence in the group, while he was a brave and caring old man.

    400 Days
    1) Shel. I totally understand her position.
    2) Eddie. Definitely the funniest guy around, and one that still has all of his humanity.
    3) Justin. Sarcastic, smart, a bit selfish, but still friendly and funny in his own way.
    4) Bad Luck Vince. Because in the end only family matters.
    5) Becca. Despite what people say, she has some good in her.
    6) Roman, a decent leader, who cares for his group, or Wyatt, aka the Dude
    7) Again a tie. Steph, just for being pretty, Danny for the interaction between him, Vince and Justin (even if he's a rapist).
  • 1. Lee. I admire him for being able to be a good person in the shittiest of times. I'm not sure if that's something I'd be capable of doing, and that's why I respect Lee.
    2. Carley. Basically the same as Lee. And, since I never went full TeamLilly or TeamKenny, I stayed neutral in their arguments, she was the only one of the group who truly ALWAYS had my back.
    3. Kenny. He got my utmost respect for not giving up, despite possibly being the one who suffered the most psychological pain from the entire group. And while we didn't always agreed on everything, ultimately he was by my side till the end.
    4. Clementine. Doubt this one needs any explanation. I actually dislike most of the kids irl, but she was possibly one of the few kids I've ever seen (be they real, or in a form of media) who did not annoy me at all.
    5. Mark. Now I know the guy was only with us for one episode, and I never really got to know how Lee met him, nor did we truly get to know him, but in his brief time he was a true friend for Lee and I can only wish he lived longer. If he had, I predict that it would be him, not Kenny, who would have become my Lee's bro. Or maybe both?
    6. Vince. I don't know how to explain this, but similarly to Lee, even though he's a murderer, there was something dignifying about his persona (if you played it right). Of the 400 days protagonists, he was my favorite one.
    7. Nate. Why? Because he's a scoundrel, and I like scoundrel characters. He may come off as sort of antagonistic, and killing the old couple sure wasn't nice, but up to that point, he was my favorite dlc character. Hell, I dunno what that says about me, but I bet me and him could become pretty good friends irl. I just hope they don't make him into a regular antagonist in season 2. He's got far more potential than that. I'm hoping, however unlikely, that he'd be a group member.
  • 1. Kenny
    2. Nate
    3. Lee
    4. Clementine
    5. Ben
    6. Chuck Hobo Norris
    7. Omid
  • 7 isn't the magic number :p

    1)Lee, because he makes the best decisions :)
    2)Clementine, because........Clementine (to hard to put in a small amount of words)
    3)kenny, because he is my pal
    4)Ben, because he reminds me of me (maybe i am a total narcissist because of that???)
    5)Doug, he seems like a nice guy
    6)Christa, she would be a kickass zombie apocalypse mother
    7)Nate, he is crazy but so interesting

    see 7 isn't the magic number i need more
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