All caps! - please fix ps3 non-loading issue!

Hello Telltale,

The problem of having the Season One disc and purchasing 400 Days online and not have it recognized has not been addressed. Can you at least acknowledge the goof and assure us you're working on it?

Thank you.


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    Okay, there is a very easy solution to this problem and I feel like a dumbass for not trying it sooner.

    Although, *ahem* Telltale support could have told me how much of a dumbass I was and provided me with a solution. Oh, well.

    1. Make sure The Walking Dead disc isn't loaded in the PS3 (just a precaution- probably doesn't matter as long as game isn't running).

    2. Go to Game Data Utility NOT Saved Data Utility and delete The Walking Dead.

    3. Load The Walking Dead disc.

    4. The game will then re-install (takes about 5 minutes).

    5. When installation completes, start game and on the title screen go to Downloadable Content (it should have a red exclamation point next to it).

    6. You will be directed to the PSN Store and the 400 Days download screen. Download the DLC but MAKE SURE YOU ONLY DOWNLOAD THE DISC VERSION. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL VERSION.

    7. Once the 400 Days download is complete- start the game and go to your last save- Episode 5. It will quickly run through the episodes and 400 Days will be ready to play.

    That was an irritatingly easy fix.
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