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How to kill him?

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How can you kill the stranger?
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  • You can strangle his bitch ass!
  • You strangle him, then blow his brains out for good measure.
  • I'd rather leave him to turn, but it teaches Clem a good lesson if you put a bullet in his head.
  • I know how! :D
    The magical Q button will let you strangle the stranger to death!
    Also, I'd rather let him turn because he's not worth a bullet. Too bad it doesn't matter: you still only have 1 bullet for the zombie that tries attacking clem.
  • Keep pressing Q after the Q goes away on the screen. That's how you kill him.
  • or don't fight too much and let clem do it her self.
  • Milosuperspesh;826297 said:
    or don't fight too much and let clem do it her self.
    But that's not classified as "you" killing him in the stats screen(it will say "you didn't kill the stranger"). Lee must do the deed himself.
  • no lee has a choice.
  • Choke that crazy bastard to death, then shoot him to make sure he is dead (the strangling could have just made him pass out)
  • I don't know about anyone else, but the Stranger was the single most satisfying kill for me in the entire game. Hell, it beats out kills in other games too. I loved the way the "Q" prompt disappeared but he was still struggling, so I kept going. In my mind, I needed to be sure he was dead. I would not stop until he was dead.

    It was an emotionally intense moment for me. It felt a lot more "real" then I can remember ever really doing it before. It wasn't like a jump scare. I'm willing the guy to die at that point, while I keep pressing the button. Knowing that if I falter he will be killing me and I can't allow myself to relax for an instant so I keep on strangling him.

    It was the one and only time I used excessive force in the game. Even when I was beating up the St. John Brother, I used only the force I needed to get him to stop. Or when I was killing Clem's zombified baby sitter, I only hit the zombie enough times to kill it. There is the option to hit it one last time after it dies but I avoided doing so.
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