Download-Games: DRM?

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Hi there,

I can't find any hints in the TTG-Store, which games use DRM and which don't.
Can someone tell me?



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    All TTG direct downloads come with a form of SecuROM. The DRM on these games has a one-time activation check on install. There is an install limit, but I'm not sure what it is(and it's north of at least 20 installs).

    The DVD copies of Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Tales of Monkey Island that come with a season pass are DRM-free copies, but you have to pay shipping to get the disc.

    Telltale sells many of its back-catalog seasons DRM-free through
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    Thanks for this information.
    It would be nice if this is listed withhin the system-information in the TTG-Shop.
    So Telltale sales all their game in their own shop only with DRM.
    And only selected games on, without DRM.
    It's a bit weird.
    I want to purchase Jurassic Park, but since this game isn't listed on No buy!
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