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Keep dying....

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My biggest beef with this game is there seems to be no way to skip a place in the game that you find too hard to complete.

you would think that the game logic would either compensate after you die like....say 30 times or so...........or the game would simply allow you to skip forward past those parts.

I play the game for the decisions, not the shoot em up stuff, SO I am forever getting stuck in rewind land over and over again trying to kill this one or the other...when I just want to move along.
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  • I couldn't agree more. Let's hope Telltale adds in a skip to credits button for all future episodes.
  • Dildor wrote: »
    I couldn't agree more. Let's hope Telltale adds in a skip to credits button for all future episodes.

    sarcasm detected ;)

    all i can really say is if you suck at the 'shooting sections' and can't figure out the simple task of aiming in the general direction and pressing a button..

    my only conclusion is you must be the worlds worst gamer.

    or you're a troll trying to be funny

    either way the op is failing.
  • Let's hope that Season 2 has more harder QTE s
  • vivec wrote: »
    Let's hope that Season 2 has more harder QTE s


    some of the season 1/400 are bad enough if say you want to stop molly from attacking lee you gotta be very quick.

    if you want to stop nate killing wyatt in the car you gotta be quick..

    if you want to stop kenny beatting lee up you gotta be quick.

    either improve them with a different less annoying button combo or stick with what works..

    note to devs the mouse click and mouse movement does NOT work.

    the mouse click and arrow movement does fine.

    imho a combo of stuff should have more than one main button and a secondry like use the arrow key's /dpad/stick to go with the action. moving the mouse for bonnie removing the rebar was imho too clunky and seemingly didn't register anything quickly.
  • You're right Milo, and stopping Molly's attack is definitely the hardest one in the whole game to pull off for me. Catching Danny's rifle comes at a close second but the reason these are so difficult aren't completely because they're just quick, but the game puts the cursor too far away and makes you fight the moving camera. You can be ready for it and still miss them every time.
  • What section did you die 30 times on?
  • KCohere wrote: »
    What section did you die 30 times on?

    Something tells me it was the scene where Katjaa was being held hostage by Brenda St. John. :D
  • So he got Novaed, he had the same thing happen.
  • LOL........not a "gamer" at all

    which obviously is the problem

    I bought the game as a summer lark to hold me over between TV seasons of the series.

    I was a gamer back in the 1980's though!!!

    maybe that's the real problem there.


    no I can't kill all the bandits at the RV in part 3.

    just using a PC with mouse and arrow keys

    so I just pull the game up once in while and then screw around with it a couple times till I am sick of getting shot in the head and turn it back off.

    I know what I am SUPPOSED to do ( I can do a goggle search)... but at my advanced age, apparently my reflexes are not "quick" enough to complete this simple task (at level 3 no less)...or perhaps my deteriorating eyesight doesn't allow me to "aim" my MOUSE curser properly at the bandits head.

    seems like it would be pretty easy to adjust the game logic that once someone dies repeatedly at the same spot the game ether adjusts the level of difficulty there or allows the player to move past that spot in the game.

    but I guess not!!

    so unless one of you "gamers" wanna come over to my house and help the old man out past this level I guess I am zombie meat!!
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