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S2, more difficult gameplay?

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Should Telltale make the game harder, give you more opportunities to screw up, or make a bad decision so your actions feel just as important and your choices?

For example, when Ben lets the zombies in at Crawford, you can accidentally shoot Molly and I don't think you see her after that. Pretty rough. :(

Another one they could have done was in episode 3, trying to save the screaming girl from walkers. Could have taken out a couple walkers before seeing her get torn apart anyways. Then you'd have even LESS time to get supplies, making out with maybe a mere 5 pieces.

When a walker trips and grabs Kenny at the beginning of episode 4, you save him and he says it was a little too close. If you got there as fast as you could he could have said that was close, but thanks for having my back.

Do you think they should have more moments like that? Or would you rather not worry about these types of things and focus more on choices only? I personally think it would add a lot of replay value especially to see what happens when you're truly on your game. What other ways could they amp up the difficulty?
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  • They should make more sequences that you can fail without it dramatically influencing your game. The problem with having people think that they just killed off Molly is that it would probably prompt quite a few of them to restart and cheapen the experience. But failing to do something and just having the others question your survival skills or leadership would be nice, especially if the consequences are further down the road so people won't just try again immediately.
  • I want the chance to kill characters whenever I want at completely random moments. *cough* Lilly *cough*
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