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The Walking Dead: Real Monsters (Fanfic)

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I've wondered what had happened to Nate before you see him for the first time on the 41th Day. So I made a fic about it. The first chapter starts on day 2 and the last chapter will end on the 41th day. It will depict his struggles to survive the apocalypse.

It will also be written as if an outside source were playing the game. There will be fake credits and "options" that the person "chooses". But it's written in the point of view of the characters and not the person "playing".

I will be posting it here, but I have also posted it on other websites, so you can read it there if you'd like.

Here are the other websites
Archive of our own

On this website
Chapter 1 starts below
Chapter 2 starts on page three
Physical descriptions of Vaughan and Charlie on page five *beware of possible spoilers*
Chatper 3 starts on page six
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  • (o) Look at city

    The city below them looked normal. The buildings weren't falling apart, nothing was on fire, and the sky was clear. It was almost impossible to believe that down there, the dead were walking.

    (o) Talk to Charlie

    "Hey..." Nate muttered.

    "I told you not to talk to him." Charlie said without looking away from the view.

    "Charlie, don't start." Nate sighed.

    "Do you feel bad about what happened?" Charlie asked. She spared a glance at him.

    [CENTER]| I think I do |
    | Not really |
    | I feel bad about Vaughan |
    | ... |[/CENTER]

    "I think I do." Nate said slowly. "It's not like I didn't feel anything when I shot Anya but... I don't feel as bad as I think I should. I always heard that having blood on your hands was the worst feeling in the world." Nate looked at the palms of his hands. They were dirty and smelt awful. "I feel fine though. A bit sad, but fine... Is there something wrong with me?"

    (?) Charlie will remember that

    "You don't count the monsters as people?" Charlie asked, ignoring his question.

    [CENTER]| They're dead |
    | They're monsters |
    | A little bit |
    | ... |[/CENTER]

    "You just called them monsters." He said. "I have no reason for feeling bad about killing monsters. Besides, they're already dead." Charlie nodded and turned towards Nate.

    "You shouldn't feel bad about that woman." Charlie told him. "You did it to protect Vaughan. He'll understand that eventually." She paused. "...Thank you for saving him."

    [CENTER]| You're welcome |
    | Don't thank me |
    | You're not mad? |
    | ... |[/CENTER]

    "You're not mad at me anymore?" Nate asked, wondering how the phone call earlier that day felt so far away. Charlie frowned but shook her head.

    "No. I believe Vaughan when he said that you were lying. Besides," She looked back at the city. "You two would be the worst couple ever." Nate laughed at this much harder than he should have, but it was nice to laugh after all the craziness he had gone through.

    "I want to know why you were so quick to believe I was telling the truth?" Nate mused aloud. "Like damn, most people would chalk that up as bullshit. Not you though. You get angry right away and pretend like you’re going to kill people."

    "Pretend?" Charlie repeated.

    "Oh shut up Charlie, you weren't going to do anything." Nate laughed.

    "I got mad because Vaughan is my shit. You don't mess with my shit." Charlie explained. Nate blinked.

    "...I'm sorry? Did you just refer to Vaughan as your 'shit'?" Nate asked, brows furrowed.

    "Yes. Like my... car... it's still down there, Goddamn it." Charlie said. She peevishly kicked a stone down the cliff. They both watched as it bounced down and out of view.

    "Speaking about down there, we need to make a plan about what we're going to do and where we're going to go." Charlie said. Nate nodded, but at that moment he felt so drained. Everything had gone to shit so fast. He just needed more time to breathe.

    "That sounds great but could we do that later? I just need to rest for a while." Nate said. Charlie looked him up and down.

    "Alright." She said agreeably. "This place is safe enough. We don't need to rush." Nate sighed. He sat down on the edge of the cliff. Charlie sat with him.

    "As long as we're together, we'll be alright." Nate said.

    "I agree." Charlie said. "As long as we take care of each other we-"

    "Nate! Charlie!" Vaughan yelled. They both turned towards him. He was standing up and backing away from the trees. "We got to go! I see more of those things coming!"

    [CENTER]Beyond Moral Support[/CENTER]

    [CENTER]Credits roll - Neighborhood by Bulldog Eyes plays[/CENTER]

  • Episode 2 - Walk among the Cobras!
  • You should name it that, and that is a ton of reading, well I guess I am not going anywhere today, it looks good.
  • NEGAN;827498 said:
    Episode 2 - Walk among the Cobras!
    Bioshock Infinite WD;827511 said:
    You should name it that, and that is a ton of reading, well I guess I am not going anywhere today, it looks good.
    ...I just realized that I didn't name the first episode. UGH

    I've already planned out what happens in the whole series (But I didn't name any of the episode either) but I think that "Walk among the Cobras" could work with what happens in episode 2.

    Thanks for reading, by the way.
  • I don't have time to read it now but I shall read it on when I find time :D
  • TeamKennyAlways;827533 said:
    I don't have time to read it now but I shall read it on when I find time :D
  • It looks good, I am liking it very well, is this your first Fan fic?
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;827559 said:
    It looks good, I am liking it very well, is this your first Fan fic?
    No, I have written fanfics before, but not that many. I think back to those and I cringe because UGH they were so bad.
  • Well what went wrong with them, I hope I do not screw my first up that badly.
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