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Unused 400 Days lines?

posted by That1Guy on - last edited - Viewed by 546 users
So, there are videos showing the unused lines from episode 1 to 5 in Youtube but there doesn't seem to be any of 400 Days. My question is: does anyone know if there are any unused lines that come with 400 Days?
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  • I think the unused lines were ripped from the disc version of the first season. Since there's probably not going to be a disc version for 400 days, we're probably never going to know what they are.

    ...Unless Telltale's reading this and decides to be cool guys. *nudge* *nudge*

    EDIT: Actually, never mind that. Some of the audio clips were uploaded before the disc version came out. So I guess I have no idea where the person who uploaded those clips got them. We'll just have to hope that they do whatever they did for 400 days as well.
  • Didn't people find those unused lines in the computer files for the episodes? I dunno cause I have it on Xbox but I think that's what people did.
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