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clementine's survival

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do you think clementine will survive season 2?
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  • I hope live .. Clementine is a little girl. In 2012 there were similar comments on you tube, was ugly, even deleted the account. With regard to PewDiePie is some less should review after comments should remain silent.
  • With out clem (as the only confirmed survivor of season 1, kenny's fate in season 2 to be explored) there is no point in buying a previous season.

    Some people buy a sequel before buying the first game of a series for some reason..

    so from a money stand point why reduce the interest in a game by making it 'stand alone'

    yes people will still buy it for what ever reason but some of us do like some form of continuity or connection to the previous game and closure from the open ending of the last.

    So for me clem dies = loss of sales for the next game, fan rage/possible boycott at killing her off.

    So the only way to get around it is if clem does die they must make it mean something or have it save someone else who is worth our time and emotion...i would assume having the option to save her for the next season would involve some more work but it can help make the game change for those players who complain about a set ending. the 400 dlc characters is the first sign of this.
  • I still believe it is possible we will play as Clem. She's from season 1, has loads of fans and I believe that all those things she remembered from Lee, will come into play into season 2.
    I believe she will survive or if she doesn't, then it's going to be in the last episode that she dies.. but hopefully she won't.
  • I'd like to play as clem too but seem's when i suggested it a while back on another topic not many in fact only a select few agreed, most people condemned it..

    reason given was kids are weak and thus can't imo...she can use a gun, she can hide, she can climb...she can scavenge..
  • Seas of Scarlet;827979 said:
    I will then cry enough tears to fill an ocean and I will not leave the house or talk to anyone for several months.
    Hear hear. I believe that if she is to be killed, it will be when the entire game itself ends(final season).
  • More then likely, and people from that day foreword will be saying, Arith from Final Fantasy 7 was the saddest death, bullshit do you remember Clementine?
  • I wouldn't want to play as Clem because I already consider myself a separate entity from her so playing as her would seem kinda odd. I don't know, it would feel less like I'm controlling her and more like I'm just a disembodies voice telling her what to do. Besides, I would like to see Clementine's character play out based on what I told her as Lee, not just because I selected certain dialogue options for her. It's more meaningful that way I think.
  • I don't think she'll die, despite Telltale saying that any character is a potential casualty.

    The reason why I don't think she'll die is that it will essentially render the entire first game and Lee's death, pointless. In the end, despite everything Lee taught her and all the sacrifices made, Clem still dies. It will in effect, drain the first game of emotional impact. I think she is probably the only character who isn't expendable.
  • would ttg go balls to the wall and make clem a cripple ?

    that would really fuck some peoples shit up..

    image i already booked my first class ticket to hell....
  • I have had my ticket to the city of tears since September 2012.
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