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The Ultimate Group of Badassery from across the entire Walking Dead Franchise!

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Imagine this group lives in a fortified town like Woodbury or Alexandria Safe Zone. While it's a great group I think they would eventually split up since there are so many alpha males in the group there would be one hell of a leadership struggle.

gibqD.png Game Lee
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRX-BQCHFk4pwxYHoF896mGzzfsucghxeyR6WPjqSqPoQ6EsSHD Game Kenny
lilyWDVG_619.png Game Lily
tumblr_md729nuoL71rbzqm2o2_250.png Game Carley
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSiDLOmtyJIWnI61xku24X-hJsUzMWz1XPIaHtpx_ivbCS-Madc TV Show Rick
walking-dead-chupacabra-shane.jpg TV Show Shane
Daryl_Dixon_(TV_Series).jpg TV Show Daryl
tumblr_mccm6rkIOi1qbidbp.jpg TV Show Herschel (Every group needs an old wise guy)
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3j9LR1eXxZbp06U-VJ3WzMgpKoj1cH5N0YRblAXTINl-tm8Dv TV Show Maggie
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTh605oVz6L8wjgW-uPGgoozYjgcc_gd5tlbGezycK9L1ZxA8o5 Game/Comic Glenn
260px-Andrea_(comic).jpg Comic Andrea
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbXfn1TkvIN3X-iBJtLCXRZmjJ45_i99lyKLds8re04oqjQO73 Comic Michonne
The_Walking_Dead_comic_Abraham.jpg Comic Abraham
Carl108.jpg Comic Carl
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQxlKtXGmPoJ8iXEDR0sQAmia8Dcj4s6xT8pEsaYLjMwLHvFrZGPw Game Clem
tyreese_comic.jpg?w=470 Comic Tyreese

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQji4Axrs0jA7z-zcpyQLZUuZcto0by66rYG-_cG6assZP7jykZ TV Show Merle
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  • Maybe shorten the group to 5? I could very well see Kenny and Merle or Merle and Lilly killing each other :P

    I'd say Lee, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and comic Andrea.
  • Yertos wrote: »
    Maybe shorten the group to 5? I could very well see Kenny and Merle or Merle and Lilly killing each other :P

    I'd say Lee, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and comic Andrea.

    Yeah that'd be an awesome group, definitely see alot of arguments between Kenny/Lily/Shane/Rick and possibly Lee.
  • It would ether be the best or worst group ever, they would ether last until the apocalypse ends, or they all die on day one.
  • I can see (asshole) Lee totally kicking the crap out of Rick, or Shane.
    But Shane would probably kick Lees ass.
  • Dale is better than Hershel
  • NEGAN wrote: »
    Dale is better than Hershel

    Comic Dale or TV Dale,I like Comic Dale but I thought TV Dale wasn't that great.
  • I liked TV Dale. But I havnt read the comics.
    Dales death was Terrible and made me rethink how I would fight off a zombie. I always just thought keep away from their face and Im A-OK
  • Me to, that is why if the zombies come I am so sure I will be one of the first to die, my luck is only a tad bit better then Ben's.
  • I felt the Dale in the TV Show was too weak a character plus I think he only ever killed one walker,and even the way he died made him look so weak,he had a gun yet the walker was able to walk up to him push him to the ground and have at,compared to the comic one who survived alot longer he doesn't seem as cool. I think Herschel is better then Dale in the tv show because we all know Herschel can kill walkers,INFINITE AMMO CHEAT UNLOCKED!
  • Also I thought Dales death was as bad a mistake as the infinite ammo,i mean think about it,the walkers are rotting flesh so there not as strong at us and there is no way possible a pair of hands could rip open a stomach.
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