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I'd rather wait longer for season 2 and actually have control over the story.

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The Walking Dead game series has huge potential, but it pains me to see such a great storytelling platform wasted on linear narratives, I want my choices to actually alter what happens in the game, otherwise: what's the point?

The game makes a point to tell us that our choices matter, this is the reason I bought the game - but when the ending and characters pretty much stay the same; I feel like i've been ripped off.

It's simple as that, and the 400 days episode did nothing to get my hopes up for season 2: I chose not to get into the car, the car drives off as zombies overwhelm me, then it reverses, leaving me no choice but to get in and continue with the set story?

Quit wasting time on these useless situations which lead nowhere, why not just have periods of linear gameplay, split up by around 3 situations each episode which drastically affect the environment and characters?

Or keep the same linear gameplay, but half-way through the series allow players to make a choice between 3 paths to take, then depending on our attitudes to the characters we take those paths with, depends on who deceives us; leading to 6 different endings in total.

You guys have the power to change gaming for the better, you're on a huge platform now and the industry needs change; or else we will all truly become the walking dead.
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  • I agree. I got disappointed when I voted NOT to go to the dairy, everyone said, 'LEE ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE, WE NEED FOOD GOOD LORD'

    Like what was the point of letting me choose that?
  • I understand there are limitations and they cant give us total control over everything that happens. Im fine with that. As long as I get an enjoyable experience, thats all I ask for.
  • I am totally okay with the choices not having a whole lot of power, as long as the writing remains amazing.
  • More control would definitely be nice, but only if it doesn't weaken the plot.
  • I agree, I want to be able to change the story a lot so it can really be different each time, there's only one thing I want though. I still want there to be only ONE ending. The reason for that is because games with multiple endings tend to get a lot of arguments. Like, everybody will argue which ending is the "real" ending. I want the most decisions and outcomes out of season 2 without there being 2 or more endings.
  • An Illusion of control overall means more to me than actual control over a story...
    When Comparing TWD to something like Heavy rain you have a lot less actual control to the story but the way it is written and works made me feel like I had more control in TWD than in heavy rain
    The more actually impact of choices the more time and money consuming it will be and the less linear a story often means the less well written a story
    I want a good well written story that I believe I have control over and make a difference and that matters more to me than actually being able to make a difference...
  • Well said, my friend :D I have thought about this for a long time.
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    I'm looking for another good story. Game may be linear as season 1 with same graphic. I don't care. I just want another good story with interesting characters.
  • It might a little less linear, and it will have much better graphics if the Wolf Among Us graphics are used, which is likely, it is shaping up to be amazing once again.
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