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Top 5 saddast deathes

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What is your top 5 saddast deathes?
5.Larry.As much i hate that piece of shit i don't have anyone eles to put here
2.Doug/Carley [Carley's more sad] and Kenny
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  • 1. Carley. The reason it was the saddest for me was because I knew that now I'm gonna have to play the rest of the game without the most likable character other than Clementine. And I couldn't help but feel like it could have been easily avoided.
    2. Lee. Well, it's pretty obvious why it is sad. Normally, I would have put it at 1st, but since it was at the very end of the game, it didn't linger in the feels as long as Carley's did.
    3. Duck/Katja. Putting these two together, because they, well, died together. I never liked either character very much (didn't dislike them either), but it was sad to see them go nonetheless. With Carley, Duck and Katja wiped out all in one episode it left a huge gap in the human element of the group.
    4. Kenny (IF he died, which I strongly believe he did). Again, would have been sadder if it wasn't at the end of the game. Still, it felt hard not having him around in the final moments. With him gone, all the original members of the drugstore group perished, and I was left with Christa/Omid, who always felt part-strangers to me.
    5. Mark. It wasn't particularly sad, we barely knew the guy, but maybe that's what made it slightly sad in the first place. I liked his character, felt like he had potential, aaaaand he's gone.
  • give me a hug bro.I was sad at Carley's death too,but in Lee's death when Clem had to shot him....
  • 1. Doug, my favorite character.
    2. Kenny, MY BRO
    3. Ben
    4. Maybelle
    5. Campman
  • 5. Carley
    4. Ben (Alley)
    3. Duck and Katjaa
    2. Kenny (Either version)
    1. Lee
  • 1. Lee
    2. Carley
    3. Duck/Katja
    4. Kenny
    5. Ben
  • Lee clear cut #1
    Carley #2
    Duck # 3
    Mark #4
    Ben #5
  • 1) Lee
    2) Carley
    3) Duck/Kat
    4) Kenny
    5) Doug
  • 5.Chuck
    3.Kenny (IF he died of course)
    1.Duck and Katja (not because I liked them, but I felt SO sorry for Kenny, he lost his wife and son... :(
  • 1. Lee
    2. Carley
    3. Kenny and Ben (Episode 5)
    4. Katjaa and Duck
    5. Larry
  • 5. Katjaa and Duck - Kenny's reaction, omg...
    4. Ben - I felt so sorry for him at the end, when he finally died is when I realised he was a great character and I'd miss him.
    3. Carley - My love.
    2. Kenny - My bro through the game, my best friend.
    1. Lee - Obvious reasons.
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