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If you could kill one perosn in Walking Dead

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Knowing what you know now, if you could kill one person friend or foe, early in the game, who would you kill. I'd kill that fat man that knocked me down.
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  • Do we get to choose how?
    Maybe Ben, to get killed by Lilly instead of Carley and Doug. I think everyone's survival chances go way up without Ben there.
  • Lee's wife. That way she can't have the affair with the senator, so Lee won't go to jail for killing him.

    Shit, he'd still go to jail for killing his wife. I change my answer to Larry.
  • Maybelle.
    Just kidding. i'll kill Lilly so she won't kill Carley.
  • Though I do not hate Ben and think of him as a good character, his early death could possibly greatly diminish the number of people dying since he indirectly caused much misfortune.
    So, let me just tell Mark to shoot the walkers and then "accidentally" bump into him so he'll shoot Ben instead and then we can kidnap Travis the My-dad-was-special-forces-I-know-what-I'm-doing and watch how much fail/success he can deliver.

    Plus, our group would totally decide St. Johns were fishy from the beginning (I actually really thought they were) and tell them to go s**w themselves. We can trade without us having to move anywhere near their stupid dairy. Long live Mark, Larry and Lily's sanity.

    Also, I know it's not early in the game but after Vernon tells Lee he sucks at being a guardian I'd totally trip him in the stairs and make sure he and his homies will never get the bright idea of stealing our boat.
  • go what themselves? snow themselves?
  • Vernon. 'Nuff said.
  • Vernon for stealing our f*cking boat!
  • If zombies count as 'people', then the stupid walker that bit Lee before he bit Lee.
    Go rot in hell. :mad:
    Otherwise, Lilly or Vernon should die.
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