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Imagine the scene where Omid meets Eddie? How would it play out?

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Hilariously I would expect.



Also this.........
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  • I always imagined they would meet each other,they both knew instantly they would be best friends and then Nate comes driving round woth Russell and hits them both as they talk in the middle of the road for some reason.
  • It would be the greatest moment in the history of Telltale games, enough said.
  • I'd like to see them in a staring contest trying to out-weird each other.

    *after minutes of uncomfortable silence*
    Eddie: "Are you thinking about my dick?"
    Omid: "...well I am now."
    Eddie: "Any thoughts you want to share?"
    Omid: ...
    Eddie: ...
    Omid: ...
    Eddie: ...
    Omid: ...
    Eddie: ...
    Omid: ...
    Eddie: ...
    Omid: " many piercings do you have on it?"
  • I would pay to see it
  • Omid and Eddie? I um *sighs* um *whispers quietly so you can hardly hear* don't really like Eddie. I'm sorry Eddie fans, I'm sorry Bio and WalkingDeadFan23 and everyone else, please forgive me *falls on knees* let me tell you why, in my eyes Eddie doesn't go up there with the greats like Kenny and Nate, he was funny and all but he didn't stand out for me. That's why I don't like Eddie that much.
  • Well I think it's okay Kenny, but just think of how Omid and Eddie talking, I would pay 20 dollars flat just for that scene, Telltale I swear I will call you Telltale Gods if you do that scene.
  • This is exactly why Eddie HAS to be in season 2... so he can meet Omid and together they can be a comedy duo! :)
  • For a episode at least, I mean the dialog will be the best thing ever, it so needs to happen, I don't care how you do it, just do it.
  • Omid and Eddie staring at the guy Eddie shot

    Omid: You ruined that dude's face.
    Eddie: Yeah. The bullet was as straight as my d*ck.
    Omid: Bent bullet?
    Omid: ;_;
  • Hay, you got sticky in that backpack?
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