Larry vs Kenny *spoilers*


Hey guys, i was just wondering, if i side with Kenny throughout the whole game, except for trying to save Larry, will Kenny still have my back after me being bitten and will he join me to search for Vernon's place?

I was just wondering because i want to have a perfect game where Kenny's my buddy and Lilly doesn't kick me out of the RV so i can still tell her i will join her.

Thanks in advance,


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    If you try to save Larry in the meat locker, Kenny will still come with you at the end of episode 4 if you choose "Clementine is my family" as a dialogue option when talking with him.

    Oh, and Lilly always leaves without you in the RV. Even if you tell her that you want to go with her, she will ride off without you.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, that helps alot :), and yeah i know Lilly allways leaves, but she either betrays you after you're getting Clementine, or you simply get kicked out by her, so just trying to stay on good terms with both Kenny and Lilly in case we see them for s2.

    Thanks again!
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    Well... To my knowledge, she doesn't really say too much different no matter what you do. All you'll have to say is something along the lines of "I'll come with you."
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    If you sided with Kenny throughout the whole game so far, killing Larry, she doesnt give you a choice to come with her, she just simply kicks you out, talking about she could have killed you with your back turned.
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