Too buggy - what a ripoff!!


Developers are really lacking in developing correctly this game on Mac platform.
I just bought it 24h ago and I'm facing with a lot of problems & bugs which seems still unfixed.

- Game doesn't launch until we disable the Gate Keeper (alert pop-up: "app is dammaged..."). So Telltale doesn't want to give a cent to Apple to be an "approved developer"?

- Can't change language IN GAME. Must be done via the Pref. Panel on Mac. Which means we change the language of all our applications until we stop playing and must redo. never seen that in a real Mac game.

- Can't change the control keys. What the hell??

- Can't Pause / Stop the content download if we wish so. We can't exit the game properly while downloading. Everything is frozen. We have to unplug the computer!!
Downloading can become very slow without to know what is going on...

- After playing when we go back to desktop, the "Active Screen Corners" are not effective anymore. Need to go in Pref. Panel to make it work again. :o

Fortunately their game is good, but technically there is a lot to do and it's a shame.


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    At least you got a semi-playable game. The disc version for 360 is so broken as to be totally unplayable - and no fix ever.
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