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Should they stop labelling choices as (LIE)

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What it says really, I feel it kind of suggests to the player to not pick the option purely as it's a lie. Other games do it too and I never really understood why? The player should be paying attention enough to realise the choice is a lie.

A little memo in the top corner after the choice ("You lied to whoever") would be fine but sticking a massive (LIE) next to a choice just seems unnecessary ;anyone agree?

(I get it's not that important but still little changes really improve games sometimes)
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  • Well,if you just click to Clementine: "sure" when she asked if we can go tommorow,you won't know it's a lie.
  • I'm okay with it. I never pick it anyway. There haven't been any moments where lying pays off so far anyway.
  • fabi777;830808 said:
    Well,if you just click to Clementine: "sure" when she asked if we can go tommorow,you won't know it's a lie.
    I did, Lee clearly believed (rightly) they her parents were dead and the group were not going to wait around for her to go looking, it was clearly a lie in my opinion.
    Even so that's just one instance though, the rest of the time the lies are even clearer (particularly in 400 days)
  • I lied to Leland I think thats the only time i've really done a big Lie in the game.
  • I lied to keep my weapons, that's it though
  • I never lie, honest motherf*cker.
  • Me to, I am always honest, it did get me into trouble sometimes.
  • Yeah, you are right about it that the big LIE kind of screams: DON'T PICK ME I'M THE BAD OPTION AND I'LL BITE YOU IN THE ASS LATER!
    It doesn't really bother me tough and helps to avoid some misinterpretations but yeah... the label probably does make people avoid the option just because. They just immediately know not to pick it even if they didn't pay attention to what was said or done =P.

    It would be nice if they actually explored the consequences of truths and lies even more. Like, how telling the truth might not always be the best option and lying doesn't mean the whole world will explode. It would be a nice change from some other media.
    The only time I lied in the game was with Leland and many other players seem to have picked that too. In that situation lying made sense to me even if it was the 'morally wrong one'. I didn't want Leland to freak out and get himself killed. There should definitely be more choices like this.
  • I think there should be a few more situations where lying is the best policy to dispel the idea that it is automatically the wrong choice. There would be way too much confusion if it wasn't labeled however. Some Lies are obvious, but in the Clementines parents example i would probably have though i was making the decision to actually go looking for them not just talking about it. There'd be a few occasions of me getting called out for saying something i though was true.
  • I lied to Christa re: knowing about the walkie working earlier. Nothing came of that.

    I figure someone is always going to be pissed at me regardless of truth-telling or otherwise.
    Can't win.
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