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Who did you get attached to? When and why?

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With season 2 of the Walking Dead coming out so soon, there’s going to be a whole new batch of characters we’re going to love, hate, and sob over when they face an inevitably horrible death. So who did everyone start to have any kind of emotional attachment to in season 1, and when and why? Here’s my list.

Clem: the second she gave Lee the hammer
Kenny: when he saved Lee at the end of ep.1
Larry: “I got charm coming outta my ass.”
Lilly: when she told Lee not to judge her for standing by her dad
Doug: when he saved a hostage at gunpoint with a fucking laser pointer
Andy: when Lee told him his family is dead and he starts wailing
Katjaa: when she tells Kenny it’s not fair that he’s pissed at Lee for siding with Lilly
Duck: “And I can be Dick Grayson! ...Your ward.”
Chuck: when Lee told him that he’s creepy
Molly: when she called Kenny a grandpa :D
Christa: when she cuts Lee’s arms off while Kenny chickens out
Ben: when he stands up to Kenny
Omid: “You ruined that dude’s face.”
Lee: Since he was the player character, I didn’t really even notice that I’d gotten so attached to him until I knew he was going to die.:( I guess I really started to like Lee as a character when he gives Christa that dopey smile when she asks who would be into Civil War history.
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  • Clem: The moment I talked to her on the radio
    Kenny: The moment I met him and commented on his moustache *sighs* good times
    Duck: I liked him when we first met him too
    Ben: He looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo :D
    Doug: He was a computer nerd (I didn't save him through)
    Chuck: He's Chuck Norris
    Omid: When Lee learned he like history, I like history too
    Lee: He's the main character we are Lee, I liked him when we started playing.
  • Certain lines, mostly comical ones, really sold me on some characters.

    Chuck: “Dead get ‘em?” “…no.” “Ah. Livin’ got ‘em.” He’s just so matter-of-fact about it.
    Omid: “Our cat is going to be pissed.” Just a great non-sequitur.
    Doug: “You’re a strange guy, Doug.” “I know.” I love how he says it like it’s the millionth time someone’s said that to him.
    Carley: “You know that there are no batteries in this, right?” “Yeah, of course. I mean, yeah. No.” Messes up, tries to play it off, and immediately resigns in failure. Awesome.
    Clem: “I play soccer, but I don’t really like it.” I don’t know what it is about this line. It’s just so…genuine.
  • Lee: The player character, so, technically, me. How can I NOT be attached to myself?
    Clem: When she handed me the hammer to kill her babysitter with, I could see she was no ordinary child character, and that I could really get attached to her.
    Kenny: The moment he came back for me after Larry tried to kill me, I knew we'd have a wonderful bromance. We stuck together, through thick and thin, for the entire Season.
    Carley: When she saved me TWICE in the drug store in Episode 1, as well as keeping my secret. I knew I could trust her.
    Ben: After Katjaa and Duck died, I hated Ben. But, since nearly everyone else had died, I decided to put that side as much as I could simply because he was one of the last members of the motel group. After Episode 4, I just felt sorry for him. Especially since the fall didn't kill him ;)
    Christa: When she and Omid volunteered to come with me to get Clem after Lee got bitten. I didn't even have to ask, I didn't even want anyone to come, but they put their lives on the line for me and Clem without hesitation.
  • Clem: The moment when you're talking with her in the office at the drugstore in episode 1. Probably my favorite scene in the whole game.

    Kenny: The moment when he got Lee out of the overrun drugstore at the end of episode 1.

    Lilly: Somewhere between her saying that she cares deeply for her dad in episode 2, and our combined hatred of Kenny (at the time) in the meat locker.

    Carley: The moment when she said that she trusted you in episode 1.

    Christa: The moments in episode 3 when she's friendly towards Clem.

    Omid: The moment when he saves you from falling off the overpass in episode 3.

    Katjaa: Almost the exact instant I met her.

    Duck: I didn't hate the kid, I just didn't care much about him until he throws out a Batman reference and you have a chance to give him a high-five.
  • Lee:everytime,but most with his badass scene.
    Kenny:everytime, his moustace is so sexy.
    Lilly:fucking never.
    Carley:since she trusted you. "Don't call me small"
    Clementine: since i've seen her in the begining after Lee kills the undead officer.
    Duck:"Duck thinks you are incradibly awesome"
    Mark:since he stand up to Lilly about the people we brought.
    Christa: meeting her,noticing she's pregnant
    Omid:since i saw his big-ass eyes.
  • There's a lot of characters, but I'll stick to the group:

    Clementine: When she gave me the hammer that I needed to fend off a walker when we first met.
    Kenny: When he saved my life after Larry knocks me down. Too bad that was the only time he did something for me for almost the rest of the game.
    Katjaa: When she tries to protect Doug off-screen when captured by the St. Johns.
    Duck: The Batman and Robin line in Episode 3.
    Lilly: The one-to-one talk in the drug store in Episode 1, and her saving my life twice in a row when Kenny failed to help out. Had stayed friends with her until the Carley/Doug incident.
    Larry: Didn't appreciate him at first until I saw the story from his perspective, and I ended up unstanding his actions more.
    Carley: When she saved our groups life outside the drug store in Episode 1, and confronted Lee about the secrecy but was willing to keep quiet.
    Ben: When he begged me to drop him. I didn't, because that would have been anyone of us in Ben's shoes in the Walking Dead.
    Chuck: The talk about treating Clementine as a 'living person' than a 'little girl'.
    Christa: When she bonded with Clementine the moment they met, and her willingness to help me when I showed her the bite.
    Omid: When he saved my life the moment the truck was about to knock me off the bridge.
  • clementine: when she saved lee by giving him the hammer
    Kenny: when he came back to save me after Larry hit me
    katjaa: the second I talked to her because she reminded me of my mom
    duck: when he helped me solve the mystery back at the motor inn
    Larry: when he said that if anything happens to lily or clem that I better watch my ass
    lily: she saved my at the dairy twice
    Carley: she didn't tell the group about me in episode one
    Doug: when carley told me the story about how he saved her
    Ben: when he agreed to help me find clem
    mark: when he stood up to lily when we brought back ben and David
    Chuck: when he told lee to prepare clem
    Omid: when he saved lee from being knocked off while he used the blowtorch
    Christa: when she shows concern about clem by asking lee if he knows what he is doing
    Lee: when he took clem with him and protected her through out the game
    Molly: she saved clem down at the riverfront
  • Lee ofcourse. You play as him for 10 hours ofcourse and helped develop his characters with the decisions and dialogue you chose. Your going to become attached.

    Clem: The moment I spoke to her on the radio and then even more when she handed me the hammer.
    Carley: When she saved me TWICE in the drug store and kept my secret. <3
    Christa & Omid: Christa bonded with Clem, and Omid saved me from falling. Both also volunteered to come with me to get Clem after Lee got bitten. It was then I knew that I wanted them as Clems guardians.
    Chuck: When he sacrificed himself to help Clem and the group get away.
    Molly: She saved Clem and really knew how to look after her self.

    Kenny had his moments, like saving Lee from the walkers in episode 1, but he mostly thought about himself and his family. Never did get the bro speech even in my save where I sided with him 100% EXCEPT for letting Ben drop.
  • Lee: Put the gun down bitch!
  • *Katjaa shoots herself and Kenny cries*
    Lee: We still have to deal with duck
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