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Unintentionally funny lines.

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I decided to make a thread for, well read the title. So here's 3 I can think of off the top of my head.

1. After finding the 2nd tape in episode 4 when Lee see's the walkers start to walk around the knocked down fence and says "Time to go" Just the tone of voice he used makes me lol everytime XD

2. Bries' death *shakes head* "Don't we get a say in AHHHHHH!" and another one bites the dust. Tell Vernon to shoot me? Bitch please.

3. After you have the talk with Ben in episode 3 and where Ben talks shit about Macon, if right after that you decide to tell him that your convicted murderer. XD I know its not like that but it feels like he's saying if you talk mess about my home town again ima cut a bitch.
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