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Would You Like It If You Can Play Two Different Story Modes In Season 2?

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Like if you wanna play as an antagonist instead of a protagonist you could by being an asshole turning on people forming ur own evil group or just being a strait loner.
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  • As long as it doesn't affect the quality of the story, I wouldn't mind having a duo of protagonists. And yes, I definitely wouldn't mind playing an amoral character for once. I mean, this is the one thing Walking Dead didn't allow you to do. Not truly. Any of the "asshole Lee" responses always seemed out of character for me, because most of the autodialogue points to him being a kind man, and then suddenly sometimes he can be a total asshole. Just didn't make sense, hence why I never even considered those choices. Having a character with no true moral constrictions would be a nice change. Telltale has treated us with some truly messed up npcs, but it would certainly be a new thing if they allowed US to be one.
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