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Mods for The Walking Dead Game?

posted by TinyCarlos on - last edited - Viewed by 7.9K users
I'm surprised people haven't made mods for this, but I know that one guy made everyone's faces

There isn't like any to download, do you guys know any? I'd like to just see.
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  • We can't talk about mods for the game, that is why you have never heard of them.
  • Do they even exist?
  • Does it matter, why would you even mod Walking Dead when you could mod some Open World game?
  • I think because the game is story based and not open world as such it would be very complicated to create mods to a good caliber, you can always move skins and texture files around if you want that sort of thing. Just be careful not to screw up the whole games textures
  • By the way talking about mods is not allowed in the forums, just throwing that out.
  • ^ this guy says i'm not allowed to talk about it and its an old thread I'm reviving but...

    I really would like to let my father play the walking dead season 1. He's not much of a gamer but he would be into this game. The thing is. He is kind of a slow reader and the dialog choices tend to be a little fast for him. Obviously taking out the timer and "the silent option" all together is not what I'm looking for but is there a mod or WAY to mod the time for dialog choices to be just a tad longer. I know this is a real stretch but maybe i'll get lucky.

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