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400 days and the disc version

posted by VentingSylar on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I'm so peeved at Telltale it ain't funny... I bought the disc version of this game a couple months back for my xbox and loved it, played all 5 episodes and thought it was the best game ever...

So you can imagine I was excited to get 400 days... Well I just got the money for it and they said you need to have episode 1 installed on your hard drive... So I thought "ok, I'll just install the game to my hard drive" But the freaking disc does NOT have an install option... And Telltale are too lazy and say they won't make it installable... Which means I have to shell out another $5 for something I already bought...

So I need to ask if I buy episode 1 (again), will 400 days work for my save that I made using the disc version? Or do I gotta shell another $20 for these greedy SOB's for content I ALREADY purchased?
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  • I was moved? Seriously? All I wanted was an answer to my question... You'd think just ONE of you nice forum users would have been kind enough to answer my question... Its not like telltale is going to help me since they're the ones that screwed me in the first place...
  • Have you tried grabbing the demo version of episode one from the marketplace? That may count as it being installed and allow you to play 400 days.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The Season 1 disc will work with the 400 Days DLC. You will need to connect to Xbox Live and install the latest Title Update, however.

    In regards to the demo, please do not get just the Episode 1 demo to play other episodes. You will experience issues such as not being able to save your progress since you will be playing the demo and not the full game, and therefore saves, achievements, etc... will not be available.
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