Videos: spectacular musical rescorings of Episode 5 final scene

Typing that made me cringe. I quite hate to preface the title of such a thread with words like 'spectacular' or other forms of hyperbolic grandstanding, but it seems to me that the effort that has been put into this batch of videos has paid off very well, and if it is as good as a biased creator's eyes see it, then I would much like to see it circulate. And I'm game for gambling. Those who would remember the username from a previous video thread can feel welcome to look at this as an opportunity to equip themselves with vaudeville hooks and pelt the thread with whatever rancid items they can manage to rummage for should the videos fail to add up to something worthwhile. If some of you enjoy these and find them to be well done, then by all means do rate and share them and offer feedback here if you'd like.

Credit for the music belongs to those who were behind the musical composition of a certain Turkish drama, but unlike the case with the videos in the older thread, these are free of the oriental elements that must have made them too alien for an outside audience to listen to.

Hope they prove enjoyable.

This is the highlight video that probably best serves as an introduction; I strongly recommend watching this first before any of the others:

A link to the playlist itself:

Links to the other videos:


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    The same scene re-scored 7 times? Lol. Should have done a couple of different ones.
    It's good but it's hard to beat the feels that the original soundtrack gives me at that part.
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    Good point, but I've the feeling you wouldn't be as receptive to a sympathetically re-scored death scene of Ben at Crawford except if only to laugh very hard. :D True, I could have tried others, but no: I was rather quite comfortable working this same scene several times over. It is after all, the real dramatic highlight of the game and has many peak points in dialogue, voice pitch, and tone, and with the several melodic climaxes available in the musical pieces I've used, I was happy to realise as many combinations as I could matching and synchronising those elements with each other. So the videos are variations of one general thing (though you won't find all the same melodic segments in each video), and one would hardly expect someone to look at all these, but there they are for variety's sake.

    The original soundtrack in the scene is difficult to beat because its draw and strength comes from its minimalism, plus it's what we experienced actually playing this in the context of the entire game and can relate more to it: it has a place in the context of the whole. The final scene's music is ultimately a minor-mode version of the recurring Clementine-Lee theme that marks the stirring points in the game where the two further bond, but in its final appearance hits hard with a thicker texture using heavier lower-register notes on cello and bass to add more emotional weight and melancholy, and the tempo is slowed.

    Still, the OST does play a small role in some of the videos--the low strings are powerful additions. At some points I found it appropriate to let the original music intermesh with the strings from the music I was using. The best two examples would be 4:04-4:06 and 4:03-4:12 from the first and fourth respectively of the last group of links above.
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    Shame this needs to be bumped, but it has just cause if simply because the stats reveal only a notably tiny portion of people who have viewed the thread having even gone ahead to click on a video link. That something would effectively stifle something dependable enough as general curiosity is of course curious. Second attempt.
  • Third and last time.

  • These are all good, but my favorite sorrowful music for that scene is this

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