wrong decisions in episode 4

the flashback at the beginning of episode 4 shows some decisions that I've never made, although everything seems to be correct on the stats screen after episode 3.

I made a copy of my save and tried to restart the last part of episode 3. After I finished again I went back to the main menu and my copied save was gone (which is no real problem since it was only a backup copy but ?!?). Then I started episode 4 again but the decisions were still wrong. I went back to the main menu and the lost save was back... (don't know what this issue with the saves does mean. It may be not important)

Maybe this is somehow related to the problem I've got at the beginning of episode 3. The game asked me if I want randomized decisions, although I've played the first two episodes. I've read that this is a common bug which actually won't change my decisions, so I clicked yes and everything in episode 3 seemed to work fine. But now I got this bug with wrong decisions in episode 4 (but this time no question showed up).

Is there any known solution? Should I just play episode 3 all over again?


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    What choices are mixed up?
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    Duck was shot by Kenny, not by me and Omid pushed me from the bridge, which he did actually not. And maybe some other minor decisions which are not shown in the flashback.
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    Those choices really aren't major. If you really want them to count though, I would replay it.

    Maybe the game didn't save from Duck's death onwards.
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    Copying saves tends to mess up minor things like that. Copying mine over changed the final two decisions which really shocked me :( I had to replay and at the end several other small things had changed... It's not too big an issue as all the main choices bar those two were the same.
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    Playing on steam?
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