loading between ep 2 to Ep 3

I'v a problem with blu ray PS3 version of this game.
Indeed, i finished the episode 2 and when i want to begin the ep 3, a loading screen appear...and don't stop loading... it's a fridge screen and i must sopt PS3 by pressing "on/OFF" Button : i can't do anything else...
i try to rewind episode 2 last save, but it s the same ...

can u help me ?


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    The PS3 disc version has many bugs and Telltate won't fix them or even answer, just like how many threads we have here about the lagging bug and how they are ignoring this issue.

    If you can, you should return the game and get your money back.
  • Same problem here >:( Which I really don't understand, because i've finished the game before. I tried to play it another time, and this random crash just popped up.

  • Exactly the same here... It's starting to bug me...

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    I apologize for the inconvenience. You may need to delete the latest update. To do this: Go to your ‘Game Data Utility’ folder, find The Walking Dead, press Triangle, and delete the file. (This will not delete your save, but it will delete your copy of 400 Days if you have it installed, so you will want to redownload it from the PlayStation Store when you wish to play 400 Days.)

    The next time you launch The Walking Dead, choose not to update the game. You should now be able to play the episode. After you complete the episode, you may want to exit the game, and redownload the patch when you launch the game again.

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