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cant find my game walking dead 400days in uplay..

posted by skuba on - Viewed by 1.9K users

so i bought the walking dead 400 days form uplay without checking steam first... dumb choise.. but its allready paid for. anyways. for some reason the game wont show in my game section on uplay. is there anyway to download it from here using the cdkey? i tried everything with the uplay thing (dont use that program EVER guys) i tried using the cd key on steam but there it told me i had to activate it from the (i dont know real source i bought it from?) i also tried using the cdkey in the Uplay program but there it tells me that my cdkey is linked to another account... so on so forth. anyways.. i bought the game like 4hours ago.. thought i was gonna play it by now... is there ANY way to get it from this page using the cdkey i got from uplay? im really pist off. :(

maybe a dumb place / question to ask... but i have a cdkey... i just cant use it anywhere......
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