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Taking care of Duck?

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I've been pondering this one a while, I'm curious as to what the thought processes are for the people who make each choice.

According to the statistics, 81% of players killed Duck themselves.

I am not one of those players. I read "Of Mice and Men" at a very young age, and I believe that story has always stuck with me. Spoilers for that book. If you haven't read it, I strongly advise you do so. In it, there is an old man (Candy) who has a dog, who is also very old. Old enough that he needs to be put down. Candy cannot bear to kill his good friend himself, so sits inside while his dog is shot by one of the other ranch-workers.

Later on, he says to George (the main character) that "I ought to of shot that dog myself, George I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog." He expresses that he will forever feel regret.

The book ends with Lennie (the deuteragonist) having accidentally killed a woman. A lynch mob is after him. George learns from Candy's mistake and shoots Lennie himself, rather than let a bunch of strangers do it for him.

That's why I help Kenny shoot Duck. It's his son, and for that reason I think he would regret not doing it himself. He later confirms that in Episode 5, that he was glad to be the one that did it.

So why do you pick your choice?
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  • At the moment, Kenny, unlike Candy, was pretty much broken down and couldn't function emotionally after Katjaa's suicide. If there was any doubt, he even asks Lee "What should we do?"

    Kenny couldn't take it anymore. He even wanted Lee's opinion in the matter even if it was his son. At the moment, I'm pretty sure that Kenny was hoping that Lee would do it for him.
  • Why wouldn't you let Kenny do it?

    The whole point of having Duck shot instead of having him pace around the forest is so Kenny can understand that his son is beyond saving. Rather than Lee taking Duck away, Kenny is giving him up.

    Only reason someone have Lee take the shot is if they puss out and don't understand why Duck is put down to begin with.
  • I read Of Mice and Men, it's a good book. I let Kenny shoot Duck, at the time it seemed like the right thing to do, Lee only knew Duck for 3 months and 1 week while Kenny knew Duck his whole goddamn life cause he's his dad. Kenny was the father, he should do what's right for his son. He told me in episode 5 on the hospital roof that he was glad he did it, even if he wasn't then.
  • You wouldn't let Kenny do it because he has lost everything but his mustache by that point. Unlike Candy or George in "Of Mice and Men" (I also love that book), Kenny has just lost Katjaa too. Candy and George haven't lost anyone that equates to Katjaa. Kenny is going through more than they were, and under even more impossible circumstances (the Zombie Apocalypse). If Katjaa had still been alive? Maybe I would have had Kenny do it. The fact remains that no parent should have to shoot their child like that. Lee says as much, and I agreed. That's why I always shoot Duck. Kenny is my best friend, and I'm not letting him do something so horrible as that. It's also why I have him shoot the child in the attic. That's a way for him to get closure. I view it as a cathartic moment for him, where he is able to come to terms (somewhat) with what happened to Kat and Duck in the forest. And in Episode 5, on the rooftop, Kenny even says to me "Thank you for doing what you did for my family," meaning he's grateful that Lee shot Duck. It wasn't "pussying out" and "not understanding the situation." It was a different interpretation of it.
  • *shrugs* I figured I'd get it done faster and we could get the hell out of a potentially very dangerous area.

    And, yeah, Ken had been shat on quite enough by that stage. I thought I'd give the dude a break.
  • I shot Duck for Kenny.
    But when the boy in the attic came I made Kenny shoot him. I did it because Kenny needed to know Lee isn't always going to get rid of his problems and he needs to let go of his past.
  • This is absolutely bizarre..... but I told Kenny to put him down for the exact same reason! My exact thoughts were of that ending scene in Of Mice and Men, and I felt that Kenny owed it to his son, as George did with Lenny. It was just such a similar scenario, and it's what made sense to me.

  • Good reasoning. Ive read the book 3 times but i killed duck myself because he also lost his wife at the same time. I felt so sorry for Kenny that i felt that it would have caused more pain for him to take his own sons life so i did it for him. Not out of spite like the man did to candys dog because he was useless and smelled bad

  • Well, at the time I didnt really make a choice, I stood there silent, the only time i spoke was when I chose "Anything you need?" or something to that effect. I had assumed that volunteering myself would be intruding on their decision and they would ask me if they needed. In hindsight though, I realize they might want to ask, but would probably never ask someone to do that, so I thought I should have volunteered afterwards. Anyways again when Kenny asked what we should do, I let him decide and he decided to do it himself. I like the reasoning by OP though, even though thats not what my thought process was when I did it.

  • "The boy's as dumb as a bag of hammers."

    Kenny describing Duck to Lee.

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