Walking Dead DLC for PS3 Installing Problem

Hi from the U.S. After purchasing and completing the five episodes of The Walking Dead version 1.03 for the PS3, I purchased the DLC 400 Days through the PS Store. The two choices for download are Digital version and Disc version and I chose Digital version, downloaded, and installed. With my Walking Dead disc in the drive, I start the game again and go to the game's episode menu, but the new episode continues to say "Get" instead of "Play". I am assuming that if I download the digital version it will integrate into the game's episode menu and allow me to choose "Play", but it is acting as if no purchase or install has taken place, and I don't see how to start or play the DLC. A little help, please? Thanks!

Edit: I downloaded the Disc version and that was the one that worked. So if it helps anyone reading this: If you have my situation don't bother with the Digital version, go for the Disc version.
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