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“Thewalkingdead101.exe has stopped working” error.

posted by MissAligned on - last edited - Viewed by 924 users
The Game was gifted to me on Steam a few weeks ago now and in this time I have tried EVERYTHING the internet and forums have suggested to make it work, and still no, it crashes with the “Thewalkingdead101.exe has stopped working” error.

I meet the minimum specifications to run this game, I have:


tried all compatibility mode combinations (on The Walking Dead and Steam)

set both to run as administrator, or not and both combinations

verified the integrity of game cache,

reinstalled the DXsetup

replaced my controller dll

made sure both pref.prop files were synced

even went as far as editing my registry to make sure all compatibility modes
were as they should be.

I use AVG which is up to date, and Windows Firewall which is up to date and not blocking the game.

I have turned both off, on and tried a combination of both

I have disconnected from the internet

Still none of this has helped.
This is really starting to become frustrating, I am disappointed that money has been spent on a gift that will not work. Please can anyone help me with this problem? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

Thanks for reading I hope you can help me.
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