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Back To The Future (GPU Overheat)

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I've finally found free time to play BTTF The video game, and it's been awesome so far. However, I've found out by episode 4 that the game overheats my GPU. It's an old card, but I still use it to run games such as League of Legends in a normal temp range(70-80C); but, in BTTF it overheats all the way to 100C. This leads to both my monitors to flicker, and then some of the models in the game to turn into something...indescribable.
Any ideas on why is this happening?
My Specs:

GPU: 9600gt (1gb) (Not OC'd)
CPU: AMD: 9600 (Agena) 2.30GHZ Quad-Core
Ram: 4GB
HDD: 250gb/1TB
Case: NZXT Phantom
Just to add on that the case is pretty cleaned from dust. So I don't think it's over-heating from dust build up. Also the game runs at a 60+ framerate.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Most likely the GPU Fan or case don't provide enough airflow to cool down the GPU, if it runs on high load for a while. It's also possible, that the GPU's heatsink doesn't have proper contact with the GPU.

    You can use a tool like furmark to test how quickly the temperature rises at 100% GPU load.

    To resolve it, you might have to increase the airflow in the case, improve the GPU's cooling system, or get a new graphics card which has a better cooling solution.

    As a workaround reducing the graphics settings in the game to reduce GPU load should help.
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