Walking Dead Season Pass

About two months ago (June 12, 2013), I purchased the Walking Dead Season Pass. I did so alongside a number of other purchases (namely Final Fantasy XIII-2, Tokyo Jungle, Tomb Raider Bundle, and God of War 3 DLC). For some strange reason I did not get emailed confirmation of purchase receipts from June 12th to August 9th, but my account got billed all the same (and only Funds Added to Wallet confirmations were sent to me). During this time I got all the content I purchased without problem, except for one title in particular, Walking Dead Season Pass!

I was billed for the content normally and everything went seemingly well. However, the next day I received a message on my PS3 warning me that it may look like I'm being charged twice, but that if so one is only a pending charge and I should not worry about it as it will get cleared up soon. I anxiously rushed over to my bank account and checked the statements, but there was no dual charge, so I assumed all was fine. What I think happened is that they got two requests on their end and deleted access for one, but since only one was filed on my end, I lost access to the content. Despite purchasing it, it eludes my downloads list and the PSN Store describes it as being purchasable. I would rather not pay for the same content twice, so I hope you can help me. I wasn't quite sure where or who to send an email to, so if I should instead be emailing Playstation Support or something, please let me know! I can still provide proof of purchase with my monthly bank statement if necessary!

Thanks for your time. I can't wait for the next Sam and Max installment!

PSN ID: darkdaxtervZ


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