Need help playing all 5 episodes of BttF game on Windows 7‏

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Hi, I originally downloaded, installed, and played episode 1 of the game (as well as downloading, but not installing the other 4 episodes), back when my desktop was Windows XP. I now have a Dell Windows 7 desktop machine, and was able to transfer all my old files to the new computer, but not the old programs. I reinstalled ep 1, and installed eps 2-5. I tried to play episode 1, but I just get to the opening screen, where it says in the top right "It's About Time" and "Marty travels back in time to save Doc's future!". Below that is an animated drawing of Marty seeing the delorian materialize, and a "Play" button below that. All 5 episodes are listed on the left side, each one saying the episode is "Now Available!". I press "Play", but nothing happens. When I see the other episode buttons, where the "Play" button was for Episode 1, I see a "Get It!" button. What's going on? Please help me fix this problem.

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    Please right click the game icon and select "run as administrator". You can also make that permanent ("right click/properties", open "compatibility" tab, check "run as administrator").
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    I did the "Run as administrator" thing on the ep 1 link (Start, All Programs, Games, Back To The Future The Game - Episode 1 It's About Time), and the game now works fine. I tried to find the "compatibility" tab under "properties" for the game intro window, but didn't see it. The only tabs I see are: General, Shortcut, Security, Details, and Previous Versions. Did I do something wrong? And on the other ep-starter links (2-5), as well as the ep 5 game desktop icon (every time I installed an ep, the icon from the ep would replace the last), all eps seem to work fine.

    Also, when I hold the mouse-cursor over the ep 1 link (again: Start, All Programs, Games, Back To The Future The Game - Episode 1 It's About Time), all I see is this:

    Back To The Future The Game - Episode 1 It's About Time
    The landmark Back To The Future series continues with a new Marty and Doc adventure. Working with Bob Gale, the co-creator and co-writer from the original films, the games pick up the story shortly after the events from the last movie.

    The adve

    That's it. When I do the same for the other four program-links, other stuff is omitted at the end, and each one has TWO listed game names at top. For example, for ep 2:

    Back To The Future The Game - Episode 2 Get Tannen!
    Back To The Future Episode 2: Get Tannen!

    Is this normal? If not, how can I somehow fix this?

    Finally, is there a way to fix the mouse-icon-speed during the game?
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    I am not sure why the compatibility tab is missing. There can be different reasons. One possible way to fix it is here.

    The slow mouse is usually a sign of a slow graphics chip. Reducing the graphics settings in the game should help.

    I would not worry about the other things. The description text is also incomplete on my system. The length seems to be limited by windows.
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    I tried the first compatibility tab thing. I clicked on the download pic link under:

    To Add or Remove "Compatibility" Tab Using a REG File Download
    1. To Add "Compatibility" Tab to Properties

    It didn't add "Compatibility" to where you said. All it seemed to do is change the layout of my Windows 7 Internet Explorer windows list (now vertical instead of horizontal). Please LMK how I can fix it. Was I supposed to first download one of the two links at the top of this link you gave me?

    What's weird is that my BttF game icon on my desktop has under Properties as tabs: Security, Details, Previous Versions, General, Shortcut, and Compatibility. I just found this out now, and not sure if it was there before I downloaded and installed the .reg file. The Properties tabs under the Start, All Programs, Games, Back To The Future The Game - Episode 1 It's About Time are still: General, Shortcut, Security, Details, and Previous Versions.
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    I didn't know that before, but the compatibility setting seems to be unavailable for game icons in the start menus Games folder.
    It should work on desktop icons though, as long as they point to an .exe.
    If you want your icons in the start menu, you can create a new folder in the start menu and copy the desktop icons there.
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    So if I activate the game's starting 5-ep main select menu from any of the start menu Games folder ep 1-5 icons or the desktop icon (which has the ep 5 image in it, as I said), playing any of the five eps will always allow progress saved and retrieved for that ep, even if the game ep is started again on the main select menu later using one of the other icons? That's the impression I get, as the only thing that's different is that if I select, say, the ep 5 start menu Games folder game icon, the ep highlighted first on the game main menu is ep 5, but I can always choose another ep-link to play, and it plays fine. It's just that, if I want to play ep 1 by activing the ep 1 start menu Games folder icon, I have to always do the "run as administrator" thing, which is actually superfluous?

    I also now have a game icon in my Start Menu area (which has the ep 5 logo). Don't know how that happened, but it has the same tabs under properties as the desktop game icon.

    Also, that Compatibility link didn't change my Internet Explorer windows listing. It just does what I said when there are a certain number of IE windows open. Still learning Windows 7, I guess.
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    I've also just discovered that whenever I activate episode 2, the game, instead of full-screen, is within a smaller window on Windows itself. Could you help me with this too, please?
  • my bttf is say get it and not play? y

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