Walking Dead Vita

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I have written to the support email of this problem, but I'm guessing since it just released there aren't a lot of complaints as of yet. Walking Dead on Vita is absolutely broken. The game pauses every few seconds in decision moments and especially in action-heavy moments, and it breaks immersion completely. The motel section of episode one stutters like a heavily scratched console game. I love the game so far, and am anxious to play more, but the freezing is CONSTANT...please telltale, I love your games, but this is just upsetting. :(

Please patch this!

- Geo


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    I agree, techgeo. The stuttering is really awful. It's especially annoying during quick time events. I'm more afraid of the lag than I am the zombies. I'm very disappointed in Telltale for the lack of optimization. Right now, this port screams sloppy cash grab. It's very frustrating to see such a brilliant game marred by these problems.
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