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the walking dead iphone

posted by cyrr on - Viewed by 1.1K users
hello i dont know if anyone had same problem as me ... zhen i download this game on app store (french app store everything was perfect ) i purchased multi-pack include 400 days , then i start download episode until 3rd episode after the 3rd episode game change ... the main menu change into english before it was in french and same for subtitles and in download menu 400 days wasn't available but before i can download 400 days and now not so i did big ;istake i uninstall and download again this game i finally shouldn't because still in english and can't purchase 400 days still... i try to restore but don't work so when i download the 4th episode i paid again i sent an email to itunes they give me back money but told me to send an email to ttg support that's i did and i still get no reply ....
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sorry for my poor english
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